about us

Platinum Graphics is a creative agency based in Edinburgh, Scotland offering bespoke design solutions across multi-disciplines.

Established in 2002, we’re a modest sized yet versatile agency with a creative approach and we’re proud to say that many of our clients have been with us from day one. Building lasting relationships is our thing.

We’re 100% solutions focused and results driven, striving to forge fluid, dynamic relationships with clients, based on trust and respect. Flexible enough to respond to a client’s changing needs yet remaining focused on the task in hand whilst working to agreed timescales, deadlines and budgets.

Our designers work directly with you which means there’s a real understanding of your design needs…. even if you aren’t sure what type of logo, brochure or website you’re looking for we can work it out together.


  • The Value of Design Thinking

    Design isn’t just about your logo or how you decorate your office, it’s a way of thinking and allowing your business to thrive, creating new products and developing relationships with new customers. The Design Council have worked with the Arts & Humanities Research Council to create a short animation to explain the benefits.

  • Creativity for Success: Don’t be a Cow in the Rain!

    ‘The average man is a conformist, accepting miseries and disasters with the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain.’ Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek Too many of us follow the crowd. We stick to the rules. We conform. Yet, we know that creativity makes the difference between a mediocre business and a […]

  • On their (Trade) Marks

    Every organisation has it’s own trademark so why should it be any different for sports personalities. A trademark is used as a visual identity to distinguish a company from its competitors and build a reputation in the market. Many sports personalities have created their own identity, whether visual or trademarking their name. Some have even […]