• As a modest team of three, our focus is most definitely quality over quantity.

    In addition to this, we have secured strong relationships with our chosen printers, photographers, digital developers and illustrators who over the years have become an extension of our trusted team.

    Stuart MacphersonCreative Director
    Colin MacphersonCreative Director
    Aileen MacphersonAccount Director
  • Stuart Macpherson
    Creative Director
    Stuart started his career in direct marketing and with over 18 years experience across a diverse portfolio of clients, he has always been very focused on building strong long-lasting business relationships. He is passionate about creativity and clever branding and likes to share this enthusiasm with clients, offering advice in all aspects of design and marketing.
  • Colin Macpherson
    Creative Director
    Colin is very focused on delivering creative solutions with a meticulous eye for detail in all aspects of the work Platinum Graphics produce. He has a passion for typography and photography and loves to explore new formats and printing techniques.
  • Aileen Macpherson
    Account Director
    Aileen started her career in direct marketing, managing successful marketing campaigns for a wide range of clients. After taking a short break to start a family, Aileen returned to work as an Account Director with Platinum Graphics and works alongside the design team to offer them assistance wherever needed.


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